Bounty Hunter Vinyl Decal

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Vinyl sticker that has outdoor rating of 5 years and is 2.8 mil thick.

Decals are great for car windshields, bumpers etc. Also great for indoors too, lockers, windows, doors etc.

As long its on a clean smooth surface the decal will look great!

2.5" size is great for cell phone cases or backs.

Installation is easy.

Rub the decal with a squeegee or credit card to make sure the transfer tape has good adhesion to the decal.

Clean the surface area where you will place the decal, ensure it's clean and dry.

Peel the back of the decal slowly away from the transfer tape.

Carefully apply the decal and transfer tape to the surface area. Use a squeegee or credit card and smooth out the decal to ensure good adhesion.

Slowly peel and remove the transfer tape from the surface area.

Tip: for larger decals, use masking tape to help align the decal.

Mark off the location you want to place the decal with masking tape.   

Fold quarter of the decal backing, exposing the decal and transfer tape.

 Place the masking tape on top side of the decal or side depending on the configuration of the decal. Carefully and slowly place the decal (quarter exposed) on to the surface. Use squeegee or credit card to smooth out the top exposed section of the decal and slowly roll the decal backing and smooth as you go until the decal is fully applied. Run over the surface to smooth and ensure good adhesion.

Slowly peel away and remove the transfer tape.

If you have small air pockets/bubbles on the decal, use a sharp needle and poke a hole and use your fingers or credit card to smooth out the air.